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Mission 228Inc. was developed shortly after Linkyn Reischl's passing on March 19th, 2018 after 13 months of influence, inspiration, teaching, and strength. Linkyn's story is so much more than her 6 congenital heart defects. And it's even more than the 228 days she spent in an ICU hospital room. Linkyn's story is one of HOPE. It's a story of how one innocent, speechless baby can bring people closer than they ever thought possible. With the extraordinary amount of time that Linkyn and her family spent in the hospital room, relationships with nurses quickly developed. It was apparent that these relationships were something different. They shaped the day's experiences, emotions, feelings, and outlook for both Linkyn and her family. These relationships became a driving force for optimism and hope. The importance of having a well rounded, well-skilled nurse that cared for the family as much as the patient climbed to the top of the priority list for Linkyn. It was these relationships that were built during the 228 days in an ICU hospital room that led her family to develop Mission 228Inc. This non-profit organization's "Mission" will be to provide prospective nurses the financial opportunity, in the form of a scholarship, to attend nursing school and influence the next generation of families' experiences in a hospital setting by providing exceptional patient and family care.


Mission228inc operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit company.

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